Rolplateau met houten laadvlak

Small dollies with wooden platform - 400kg load capacity - Various dimensions


Transport different products quickly and safely using the small dollies with wooden platform.

The small dollies from Fetra are constructed from profile steel with a blue powder coating (RAL 5007). This version has a load capacity of 400 kg.

Make a choice under the table from the three available dimensions.

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Dimensions Three dimensions
Delivery time Upon request
Supplier Fetra
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Use the small dollies with wooden loading surface to move goods up to 400 kg safely and effortlessly.

Below you can see the external dimensions of the three available rolling platforms with wooden loading surfaces, with their own weight behind them:

  • 500 x 500 x 199 mm | 12kg
  • 600 x 600 x 199 mm | 15 kg
  • 700 x 700 x 199 mm | 18kg

Fetra TPE wheels

The wheels are made of TPE rubber and have a hub with a ball bearing. Partly because of the wheels, the small dollies are extremely manageable. Four swivel castors are fitted as standard to the rolling platform, two of which are equipped with a handy brake. These are in accordance with EU standard EN 1757-3. Thanks to the applied brakes, the platform does not shift during work.

Wheels with TPE rubber (thermoplastic elastomer) offer many advantages on even surfaces. The transport effort is considerably reduced. In other words, with light effort even heavy loads can be transported comfortably, safely and silently.

Despite the dark color, the wheels are streak-free. In addition, the wire protection prevents the wheel axle from being wrapped with wires.

The Fetra TPE wheels conform to the PAK EU Regulation 1272/2013. All transport trolleys in our range are supplied with TPE wheels as standard and at no extra cost.


Are you interested in a different format? Then please contact us. If you would like small dollies with a different loading surface or no loading surface, look at the bottom of the page for the other small dollies in our range.



Technical Information
Dimensions Three dimensions
Delivery time Upon request
Supplier Fetra
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