Altrex Taurus TDO

Altrex Taurus TDO - Optional with spring fixed castors

The double walkable Taurus stairs is extremely suitable for professional and intensive use.

The Taurus TDO is available in various versions. Choose from a minimum of three steps to a maximum of eight steps. In addition, you can choose to have a set of sprung fixed castors attached to the stairs. The set consists of two sprung fixed castors.

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Dimensions Depending on number of steps
Delivery time 1 week
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Altrex Taurus TDO voor professioneel gebruik
Altrex Taurus TDO - Optional with spring fixed castors

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    More Information

    The Altrex Taurus TDO offers excellent properties for intensive use. The storage stairs is easy to handle due to its compact dimensions. Other features of the Taurus TDO are:

    • Double walkable, move stairs less
    • Ease of use through smart hinge system
    • Anti-slip steps
    • Pressure-resistant metal spread protection
    • Support bracket for extra safety
    • Large non-slip feet at the bottom

    The user-friendly Taurus TDO stairs is double walkable. The ideal solution in situations where space is an issue. With this stairs you don’t have to walk around the stairs and the stairs can stay in the same place.

    The Taurus TDO offers several forms of safety. The TDO uses a unique hinge system on the top. It hinges so that pinching of fingers is prevented when folding. In addition, the Taurus TDO has large non-slip feet at the bottom. This ensures reliable stability. A third safe solution is the red support bracket. The support bracket is folded out on the first picture, so you can hold on securely. Fold the bracket within two seconds to transport the stairs as compact and safe as possible. Finally, the Taurus TDO is equipped with a metal pressure-resistant spread protection. The spread protection ensures that the stairs does not collapse unintentionally.

    Working height

    Steps Standing height (m) Maximum working height (m)
    3 0,70 2,70
    4 0,95 2,95
    5 1,20 3,20
    6 1,40 3,40
    7 1,65 3,65
    8 1,90 3,90

    Altrex Red Step

    The red step of the Altrex stairs has various functionalities. The step is clearly visible to ensure safety for the user at all times. You know that you are on the top step. In addition, the Altrex Red Step recognition. As a user you know that you are going to work with a qualitative stairs.


    • Anti-slip feet
    • Compact dimensions
    • Double walkable
    • Professional use
    Technical Information
    Dimensions Depending on number of steps
    Delivery time 1 week
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